Harris Style Tactical Bipod 6-9''
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Harris Style,Full Metal, 6-9 Inch, w/ Weaver Rail Adaper, Sling Connection, 6 Levels

VO 6 Inch Bipod Acom 0VO 6 Inch Bipod Acom 1VO 6 Inch Bipod Acom 2VO 6 Inch Bipod Acom 3VO 6 Inch Bipod Acom 4VO 6 Inch Bipod Acom 5VO 6 Inch Bipod logo
  • Height (from top to bottom as picture shown): 155mm (6.0 inch) to 230mm (9.0 inch), 6 Levels (0.5 inch per level)
  • Weight (net): 285g (10.0 ounce)
  • Easy to use, sturdy construction with lock screw, frame crossbar anc claw etc
  • Mounts onto rifles with sling stud or with picatinny rail via adaper
  • Push the button to eject the feet
  • Rubber feet avoid slip, top rubber covered avoid scrach your caliber
  • High quality aluminum alloy in durable black matte finish
  • Designed for real fire caliber, no collapse
  • This bi mount pod is not swivel style from side to side