Harris Style Swivels Bipod 15-26"
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Full Metal, 15 to 26 Inch, Swivels Style, with 21mm Weaver Rail Adaper, Sling Connection, 11 Levels

VO 15 Inch Swivels Bipod Acom 1VO 15 Inch Swivels Bipod Acom 2VO 15 Inch Swivels Bipod Acom 3VO 15 Inch Swivels Bipod Acom 4VO 15 Inch Swivels Bipod Acom 5
  • Model: SCOT-40
  • Height (from top to bottom as picture shown): 385mm (15 inch) to 665mm (26.0 inch),
  • Total 12 Levels (0.5 inch per increasement for 11 levels, middle part 5.5 inch)
  • Weight (net): 560g (19.8 ounce)
  • Easy to use, sturdy construction with lock screw, frame crossbar and claw etc
  • Mounts onto rifles with sling stud or with picatinny rail via adaper
  • Total two parts for extention,
    • Push the middle button to pull out the middle part
    • Push the bottom button to eject the feet with slots
  • Rubber feet avoid slip, top rubber covered avoid scrach your caliber
  • High quality aluminum alloy in durable black matte finish
  • Designed for real fire caliber, no collapse
  • Swivel style from side to side