Longbowman R2 LED Flashlight
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440 Lumens, Cree R2 Bulb, Excllent Long Distance Focus Feature, with Wire Cable and On/Off Switch, Chargeable Lithium Battery, Normal and Vehicle Charger, with Tactical Weaver Mount, Long and Short Version with Different Battery, Can be used on Real Fire Caliber

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  • Model: SCFL-04 Longbowman
  • Output / Brightness: 380-440 lumens
  • Aluminum alloy body construction, PC material glass and reflector
  • Bulb: CREE R2 LED Bulb (white luminescence)
  • Voltage: 7.0-9.0V
  • Runtime: true 3.5-4.0 hours
  • Weight (net):260g (9.2 ounce, only with on/off switch)
  • Color: Titanium black
  • Length:
    • 220mm (8.7 inch, with on/off switch, two pcs of 18650 battery version)
    • 180mm (7.1 inch, with on/off switch, one pc of 18650 battery and one pc of 16340 version)
  • Head Dia: 55mm
  • Housing Dia: 25.4mm (one inch)
  • Pre-set Focus Cup and Far Distance Feature (at 50mm disctance the Diameter of the ligh is only about 8m, the longer distance the better focus result)
  • ASR - Snti Shock Reinforcement
  • Fine Gift Package
  • Set including:
    • High Quality Nylon Holster, sling
    • On/off and wire cable switch
    • Tactical laser / flashlight weaver mount
    • Two pcs of 3.7V 18650 and 1 pc of 3.7V 16340 Lithium chargeable 3.7V batteries
    • 100-240 AC charger and car DC 12-24V adapter