ACD Mount Rings from Vector Optics

2017-05-06 11:11

Incredible,Inspiring and Inexpensive!


A Message From Your Scope Partner

Today we can’t help recommending some fantastic ACD rings to you.They will be the best partner of your scope, don’t let them slip away!

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We have two promotion options for you.

Option One (basic level):

Order Free Gifts
Each 50pcs SCACD-03, -04, -05 or -06 One SCACD-08 & One SCACD-09
Each 10pcs SCACD-08 or -09 One SCACD-03, 04, 05 & 06 (total 4pcs)




This option supports mixed order.

Option Two (deluxe level):

Order Free Gifts
≥ USD 1000 7pcs new ACD mounts x1 set, worth MRP$240
≥ USD 1500 7pcs new ACD mounts x2 sets, worth MRP $480
≥ USD 2000 7pcs new ACD mounts x3 sets, worth MRP $720
≥ USD 2500 7pcs new ACD mounts x4 sets, worth MRP $960
≥ USD 3000 7pcs new ACD mounts x5 sets, worth MRP $1200
Special Bonus Each 35/34mm scope will come with 35mm ACD Ring FREE







Two options can be combined.

For example: order USD 2100 including 50 pcs SCACD-05, besides one free SCACD-08 and SCACD-09 you will get and 3 sets of 7 pcs new ACD mounts for FREE

At least MRP USD 800 FREE ACD mounts, Wow, the more you order the more you get!

Clock is ticking! Let’s share your thrill together.

Check with us!Mail

tl_files/cms_contents/Resources/News/infos/ACD Mount/Offest Bubble ACD Mount with Compass.JPGtl_files/cms_contents/Resources/News/infos/ACD Mount/Offest Bubble ACD Mount.JPG

tl_files/cms_contents/Resources/News/infos/ACD Mount/30mm One Piece ACD Mount Extra Light.JPG

tl_files/cms_contents/Resources/News/infos/ACD Mount/30mm One Piece ACD Mount Extra Long.JPG

tl_files/cms_contents/Resources/News/infos/ACD Mount/30mm ACD Mount with picatinny rail.JPG


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