Approaching Vector Optics June News & Tips

2017-07-26 15:11

Summer is so Hot!

San Fermín

Before I knew the San Fermin, I have been told that bull is a docile, loyal and diligent animal, until I saw this picture.

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This is a sport of courage and wisdom. I’m interested in this and check some information. Through San Fermin has been world famous, there’re still something easy to misunderstand.

  1. Run with bulls. Need to run with the bulls rather than touch, hit them. The bulls are easily irritated.
  2. Carnival continued. Every city's bullfighting time is different. The bullfighting season in Spain runs from April until September.
  3. No selfie. If you decide to participate in bullfighting, the camera or any electronic device is forbidden.

Too exciting, I will have to go to the scene to feel shaking!


Thanator Live On the Moon of Pandora

In June the following gears were very popular for sales.

Finally we have a good option for senior shooters who’re looking for an excellent SFP 8x power scope. Let’s look at some reviews:

  1. This is an excellent hi-quality, entry level scope.
  2. Very nicely made. Great price.
  3. If you are looking for a great AR scope your look is over.

tl_files/cms_contents/Resources/News/infos/2017 June/real firearms test.jpg

Picture shown the field testing on 100 yards.

For this month’s money-saving deal, we recommend OT-08 5x Magnifier with flip side mount.

  • Crystal cleartl_files/cms_contents/Resources/News/infos/2017 June/5x Magnifier.png
  • 5x power
  • Diopter compensation
  • Fit Various Red Dot Scopes
  • W/ 30mm flip side weaver mount

Click the pictures to lead to the link for the right product.


.308 KeyMod Ultra Slim Handguard

.308 KeyMod ultra slim free float handguard rail were launched until March. KeyMod cutout, one piece model, Steel Barrel Nut, 12/15/17 inch Style, easy & quick installation, detachable Picatinny rails, special for AR10 308 and test on real firearms.

tl_files/cms_contents/Resources/News/infos/2017 June/KeyMod 308 Handguard.JPG

It’s time to let more people know them, in this hot August.


Cross-cupped Wine

In our custom, cross-cupped wine is a special ritual. Only couples can do this. Thanks to Robert, we saw the ritual on a non-wedding occasion.

tl_files/cms_contents/Resources/News/infos/2017 June/20170724153143.jpg

Compared Happy Birthday, maybe happy ending is more appropriate. Enjoy the unforgettable night, Robert!


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From a little spark may burst a mighty flame

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