Stephen is On Holiday----All Incredible Events Are Just Here!

2017-07-26 11:11

On the occasion of coming August 17th, let’s look back.

First steam boat was launched, CD came out, and Phelps broke the world recordagain. One more, Vector Optics was founded on August 17th, 2008.


Everyone knows that Stephen is a very responsible man. Before he went on vacation, he at least toldus 3 times: an unprecedented discount was needed ASAP, this was Vector Optics Thanksgiving Day.

How time flies, so let’s beginning.

1.Free Shipping for whole August

Throughout August, shipping freight will be borne by us on order more than$2000!

No longer to put some products in the next plan, bring them home in August!


2.Fidget Spinner On Duty

The first time Stephen told me that fidget spinnerwould be gifts in this activity, this came into my mind.


Plenty of fidget spinners on duty! Welcome aboard!

(The amount of the order is up to $ 1000 or more will get 10 fidget spinners as gifts, and will increase extra 10 pcs when adding $ 1,000 each time to the same order)

3.Big Side Wheel for VO Best Sales Riflescope

These big side wheels are the size you want forusing Paragon or Marksman riflescopes on your rifle to perfectly assist in making parallax adjustments. They are highly recommend for experienced champion shooters.

tl_files/cms_contents/Resources/News/infos/10th/VO Paragon 2-10x50 with bsw 1.JPG

Now each Paragon or Marksman riflescope will come with a free big side wheel in August, no limit!


As we promised, we carry out not only one incredible event to celebrate our great day.

All the activities will continue for whole August!

A saying that don’t pay for anything you can get them for free.

Enjoy hot and crazy August together!

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