Vector Optics 1-8x24IR Riflescope

2017-05-16 13:26

One Diamond Optical System Riflescope


The Top Riflescope You're Waiting For

As the saying goes,yield twice the result with half the effort.Thousands of shooters are looking for an 8x power scope for a long time. Now we have a good option for you.

It’s our Thanator 1-8x24IR CQB style riflescope.

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The Thanator 1-8x24 is a second focal plane scope. It features a 30mm Monotube, 1/10MIL adjustment, fully multi coated, long eye relief, red illumination, low profile turrets with cap.

tl_files/cms_contents/Resources/News/infos/OC-21/VO Thanator 1-8x24IR adjust.jpgtl_files/cms_contents/Resources/News/infos/OC-21/VO Thanator 1-8x24IR reticle.jpg

It uses unique VTC MIL etched reticle with mil adjustment specification. Total elevation range and windage range are both 12 MIL and the click value is 1/10 MIL.

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The weight is surprising. Only 500g (10.2oz) and 260mm (10.2 inch) length. Amazing design!

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Of course we do the field test. We have this scope on a military version M4 (5.56mm) carbine at 100 yards. After initial 4-5 rounds shooting and adjustment, the remaining bullets hit the bull's-eye accurately. Well done!

I can't recommend it anymore because I’m afraid it will be sold out soon with our current ACD mount promotion. Trust me, bring it home and it will make you feel like a king at short-distance shooting.

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